Moving equipment is no small feat

Long line magic

Moving heavy equipment from one place to another on the surface looks relatively easy and straightforward.  However, there is a lot at stake in order to not just get it right but to deliver on the expectation perfectly.

"Damaging equipment when placing it can happen in the blink of an eye and with supply chain back ups, replacement can take months, so there is zero room for error.  Zero", says Pat Holubetz, VP of Sales for Superior Helicopter, which is part of the Driving Energy Forward family of companies which includes Gwinnup Restoration and Superior Right of Way among other companies.

He continues, "when dealing with long line lifts and low altitudes in marginal weather, the realities of cross-winds, wind-eddies, up-drafts and down-drafts are all very real concerns for a lift team.  It is imperative to work as a cohesive team, follow our project plan to the letter and perform with a high level of discipline.  We bring our 'A' game to every initiative, no matter what it is.  That is why our reputation is so strong in the market.  On-time, on-budget, without incident, without exception, every time.  That's what we do."

Our reputation is based on consistency.  No surprises.

The results speak for themselves and the difficult appears easy.  Take a look at a few recent jobs which demonstrates the end-result of our process.

SHS Heavy Equipment Lift

Helicopter rear angle


Using aerial assets requires more than equipment and focus.  It requires practice.  Our teams log hundreds of man hours of long-time practice.  This practice includes planning, air-ground coordination, lift and weather simulations as well as simulation of a wide variety of equipment snafus and failures.  By preparing and planning for every environment and contingency, our teams are always prepared and this is what our customers invest in.  Our ability to deliver, no matter what.

Preparation is critical to success

Take a look at one of our team's regular training simulations.