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Specialty Containment

Since 1996, Gwinnup’s has built a reputation as one of the premier seeding and restoration companies in the Midwest. In 2008, we evolved our seeding techniques to accommodate the special needs of the Pipeline Industry and its demanding terrain with Hydro-Mulch Technology

Our many years of seeding experience and project management skills have allowed Gwinnup’s to handle any project regardless of size, conditions, or schedule. Using all track type equipment, our team can prepare the seedbed and maintain compaction free soil to restore and vegetate our seed at the fastest germination rate possible.

Gwinnup believes in a 'measure twice, cut once' philosophy.  Our team does not take shortcuts nor do they deviate from the daily planning-preparation-communication-collaboration-post activity review steps that each work module of a project relies upon to deliver successful outcomes.  Getting to the project goal on time, on-budget and without incident requires a level of daily focus and discipline many of our competitors lack.

Utilizing skilled union operators and laborers, we achieve excellent quality with safety as our priority goal.


Gwinnup Restoration is a leader in engineered Containment solutions. We assist our clients in achieving their construction and containment maintenance project goals on-time, on-budget and without incident.

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About Us

Gwinnup Restoration leads the industry in achieving successful Notices of Termination on-time, on-budget and without incident through our innovative approach to site engineering and remediation as well as our focus on safety.

Gwinnup has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and the development of  experienced teams. We recognize it isn't just about getting to the Notice of Termination safely and successfully, but also about making sure the assets we engineer and construct stand the test of time.

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