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Oil & Gas Best Practices | Case Study


Data Capture and Information Analysis

A linear pipeline through the Ohio River Valley region presents challenges from denuded soil to extreme slope gradients.  Soil tests were taken every ½ mile and any distinct variation observed.  There was only one chance to be successful. ­­­

Engineering Application Alignment

We engineered a comprehensive application custom to the soil characteristics to balance the pH, precise micronutrients, and high-performance erosion control materials.  Specific attention was given to each variation in the soil to address what that soil needed to emerge, survive and thrive.

Customized Task Planning

Our team plotted, marked, and documented each specific application in order to sequence and confirm accuracy.

Knowledge/ Driven Work Modules

Executed through the work module, all information and progress was communicated with project partners and owners through automated field pro management software.  Notice of Termination achieved in 3 weeks.


The project utilized key technologies that include:

  • Multiple soil tests
  • Custom Application Solutions
  • Balanced pH – Calcium Carbonate
  • Micronutrient package
  • 3500# Flexterra HP (FGM)

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