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Oil & Gas Right of Way

Time is Money

Our seasoned team of professionals have comprehensive experience in restoring environmental conditions and maintaining the right of way in some of the most challenging environments that exist-from searing deserts to impassible swamps to undulating mountain terrain.  Which means that every day and every project is uniquely different.

Even after continuous operation since 1997, each year we continue to encounter and overcome brand new challenges.  Our team of CPESC professionals, soil and geotechnical engineers are well-equipped with the resources and tools to identify, quantify and execute solutions which overcome every issue.

Traditionally, when you look at the ground you don't know what is underneath it.  Unfortunately, for energy transmission and maintenance projects, what is underneath has a 100% chance of impacting the project's success. Often, what is unseen is overlooked and translates into costly errors and delays.

These new encounters and the approaches we devise and apply are documented and included in our DECK process so that future projects are able to leverage this knowledge base. Due to our proprietary methodology and expertise, our teams have successfully completed individual projects hundreds of miles long, while flawlessly progressing at 6,500 linear feet a day per crew.

 "Surprises are exactly what we strive to avoid. 

Increased weather volatility and extreme conditions are expanding across the U.S.  These new weather trends can adversely impact a project if you haven't done your homework and know the impact these conditions will have on the land you are in the process of changing. 

Having experts as vendors is now a requirement to safety and success."

      -Justin H., Oil & Gas Transmission   Senior Project Manager


Doing the necessary civil engineering analysis, geological, chemical and ecological analysis requires disciplined process, certified subject matters and access to data both on the front end and as the project progresses.

Our organization's DECK methodology ensures that the ecological and geological variables both known and unknown are properly dealt with.

Our field-tested 5-step DECK process has been developed over decades of field work and situation planning. DECK relies on detailed performance data, industry best practices and over 325 man-years of environmental specialty to deliver continuous, expected results.

We understand that the stakes are high.  Financial costs for unexpected delays and unplanned negative impact to sensitive environments is unacceptable.

Preparation, discipline and process drive safety.  Safety, skill and experience drive outcomes.

We recognize there is only one chance to get it right.  Delivering excellence and expected outcomes each and every time is what has built our reputation and is exactly what you can expect from us.  When you select Gwinnup to get you to Notice of Termination on time, on budget and without incident, you can rest assured we will deliver.

If have questions about our DECK methodology or simply have questions on a topic you'd like to pose to one of our engineering subject matter experts, we are happy to help.

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Gwinnup Restoration is a leader in engineered Right of Way (ROW) solutions. We assist our clients in achieving a successful Notice of Termination on-time, on-budget and without incident.

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About Us

Gwinnup Restoration leads the industry in achieving successful Notices of Termination on-time, on-budget and without incident through our innovative approach to site engineering and remediation as well as our focus on safety.

Gwinnup has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and the development of  experienced teams. We recognize it isn't just about getting to the Notice of Termination safely and successfully, but also about making sure the assets we engineer and construct stand the test of time.

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