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Gwinnup DECK Process

Gwinnup has developed a proprietary process called DECK.  Each letter in DECK represents a specific phase of our work.  Each step of this process is dynamic and remains an active component of the project until Notice of Termination is successfully achieved.

Applying our DECK process ensures projects successfully reach the Notice of Termination without incident.

The first phase in DECK is Data Capture and Information Analysis.  Things are not always what they seem from the surface or a distance, so paying attention to the details early is critical to success.

The second step in DECK is Engineering Application Alignment. In the second step of DECK we design and engineer a blueprint for the project which takes into account the timeline and requirements of the work being completed, the logistics, equipment and manpower requirements but also the field conditions, environmental and weather conditions and the needs of involved stakeholders such as land owners, regulators, as well as, wetlands and other sensitive wildlife areas.

Deck’s third step involves Customized Task Planning. Like each step in our DECK process, step three is on-going.  We ensure that our tasks and activities tightly align with our process and your expectation.  To do this, we ensure that we are paying attention to each detail and every aspect of the process before we begin each day on site and again at the end of the day.

The final phase of our process is step four.  Knowledge & Know-How Driven Work Modules.  When we execute a specific task, we look at how the site conditions might require certain engineering or construction modifications to successfully accomplish the desired task.

This is important because the value in building the module isn’t just in its completion but how it performs over its lifetime and how that module impacts every other aspect of the project.

As we see it, every element of a project is interconnected.

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Gwinnup Restoration leads the industry in achieving successful Notices of Termination on-time, on-budget and without incident through our innovative approach to site engineering and remediation as well as our focus on safety.

Gwinnup has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and the development of  experienced teams. We recognize it isn't just about getting to the Notice of Termination safely and successfully, but also about making sure the assets we engineer and construct stand the test of time.

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